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Employment is a major problem for persons with disabilities. Physical limitations are often seen by the community as a form of incapacity. The stigma that still persists until today in most societies that people with disabilities are creatures that need to be pitied and given compensation. Though they can also work if given the opportunity and access.

From the mandatory system data, the Ministry of Manpower reports that there are 440 companies with a total workforce of around 237 thousand people. Of that amount, only 2,851 people or about 1.2 percent have been absorbed by the disabled employment force in the formal labor sector. For this reason, employment for persons with disabilities must continue to be optimized.

Now, it is time for all parties to strengthen the commitment and partisanship of persons with disabilities and the realization of an inclusive society regardless of background, bearing disability or not.

We are aware that there is no Social Company that has a focus on empowering disability in Indonesia, especially in alleviating their economic problems.

Thus Angkie Yudistia initiated ThisAble Enterprise as a platform to answer these problems. For this reason, thisAble Enterprise created a series of units specifically designed to help disabled friends in Indonesia.

Our services:

  • Assessment
  • Outsourcing
  • Headhunting
  • Inclusive Workplace Training

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