Let's give persons with disabilities


Recruit our assessed candidates

Thisable Recruitment is one of the business units of Thisable Enterprise, a social-based company that was founded by Angkie Yudistia since 2011. We have a mission to empower Indonesia’s disability economically in the workforce.

We provides employment services that bridge the disability candidates with companies that are ready to become inclusion companies.

About the services we provide

Diffable Talents

A series of recruitment activities, screening to talent assessment, so hiring partner will get the best candidates that are tailored to the standards and needs of the company.

Inclusive Readiness

Preparation for a division or office partner who will receive a diffable talent to get to know and know basic things when dealing with disabilities.

Disability Equality Training

Disability Equality Training (DET) is a discussion facilitated by our facilitators. The aim is to understand disability and equality.

Talent Supervising

Supervision of talent who has worked to meet KPIs and comply with company regulations. It also helps if there are obstacles faced by companies and diffable talent.

Our Happy Talents

We have almost ten years of experience to develop people with disabilities

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